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November 27, 2015, 5:45:17 am, America/Chicago

How Satellite Internet Works

How Satellite Internet Works

Satellite Internet Connectivity And Its Advantages And Drawbacks

Companies that provide internet provision through cable and fiber optic have limited coverage. This has meant a lot of web users especially in rural communities are usually left out. For these people, satellite internet provides affordable and handy means of connection. The fact that it is available in all areas of the country provides further motivation.

There is a level of choice when it comes to this method. A customer may choose either of the two methods that connections can be effected using this form of web linkage. The more popular choice is two way communication where the speeds are considerably higher. The justification for this is that satellite connection is used to perform both data uploads as well as downloads. This provides for a uniformly high link spectrum.

One way communication is the other alternative on offer. Unlike in the former method, the speeds here are considerably much lower. The explanation is that while satellite linkage is provided for as far as data downloads are concerned, uploads have to be effected through sluggish dial up phone connections. The disparity in speeds is telling with down links taking place at between 2 and 3 megabytes while the up-links are happening at an excruciating 56 kilobyte maximum.

The requisite equipment for this sort of connection are pretty basic. A standard rooftop dish is the main equipment coupled with two standard modems as well as coaxial cables. The cables provide the necessary interface between the PC and the dish. During installation, there has to be an expert installer to ensure the dish is properly aligned to receive signals from the satellite in orbit.

The main attraction of this type of accessing the net is that it is available in all areas of the country. It is as well considerably much cheaper and performs adequately for most domestic needs. Another point in its favor in comparison to other methods is that connection is available even when on the move and this is much more than can be achieved with comparable methods.

A leading cause of dissatisfaction with this form of internet linkage is the significantly big latencies. The term latency refers to the delay experienced when connecting to the net and the data signal takes time to travel from source to destination. In this case the latency is much higher than with DSL or cable because the signal has to traverse through 22, 000 miles through space.

One also has to contend with the vagaries of weather affecting connections. When it is cloudy or foggy there are very significant delays and even distortions of data that is sent and received. This means that in areas prone to foul weather this may not be the ideal method of providing connectivity.

Many potential clients are also put off by the fact that most providers put in place stringent caps on the amount of data that can be accessed in specific periods of time. For the providers with daily caps the amount is usually pegged at around 200 megabytes. There are better offers that allow access of up to 4 gigabytes every seven days.

A final drawback comes in the form of delays resulting from inability of the links to provide for increased demand in peak hours. This sort of congestion can greatly increase latency and render linkages almost useless.

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